Keep a record of your event

Capture / Live

Video Facilities will capture your entire event and, for immediate communication on social networks, we’ll deliver a best of film of the event as quickly as possible.

Turn your moments into into unforgettable memories!

Video Best Of

Our Best-Of event production service offers you speed and versatility. Receive your video in the formats most popular on social networks: 16/9, 9/16, 1/1, with French and English subtitles included, all in record time.



Keep a record of your event!

Single or

Whether you opt for a single-camera or multi-camera approach, we’re here to support you.
Single-camera capture is ideal for an immersive perspective, while multi-camera capture adds depth and variety to your event. Rely on our expertise to capture your event with clarity and creativity.



Connect with your audience, instantly

Live streaming

In an increasingly connected world, live streaming has become the method of choice for sharing experiences, events and information with your audience. Thanks to our expertise in live streaming, you can now connect instantly with your audience, wherever they are, and offer an immersive and interactive experience.