Not just words.


Our values truly guide every aspect of the business. They are at the heart of Video Facilities’ corporate culture and influence its strategic choices, behaviour and commitment to its customers, employees and society as a whole.

Social responsibility

As a player in society, Video Facilities assumes its responsibility by adopting ethical business practices. It also seeks to contribute positively to its local community and reduce its environmental impact.


Innovation is a core value at Video Facilities. The company encourages creativity and exploration to constantly push back the boundaries of technology and storytelling in audiovisual production.


Integrity is at the heart of all the company's actions and decisions. Video Facilities is committed to maintaining honest and ethical behaviour in all its dealings with customers, employees and partners.


Collaboration is essential to achieving common goals. Video Facilities encourages cooperation between its teams, customers and partners to create exceptional audiovisual productions.

Diversity and Inclusion

Video Facilities recognises the value of diverse perspectives and talents. It actively promotes diversity and inclusion within its working environment.


The company attaches great importance to sustainability, striving to minimise its environmental footprint while promoting planet-friendly business practices.

Customer focus

Customer satisfaction is an absolute priority for Video Facilities. The company is committed to understanding and proactively responding to the unique needs of each customer.

Training and Development

Video Facilities investit dans le développement professionnel de ses employés, favorisant la croissance continue et le perfectionnement des compétences.


Transparency is a pillar of trust. Video Facilities values open communication in all its interactions, actions and decisions.