Live / Interactive

A unique interactive experience!

Our partner Swaip

With Video Facilities & Swaip, transform your event streaming into a unique interactive experience. Engage your users with a fully customizable, immersive and participatory content, by inserting dynamic elements directly into your video.


Custom development

We support you in the deployment of your virtual and hybrid events, sales presentations, product or service training and product launches. An open, modular format adapted to the needs of brands wishing to broadcast an event in line with their image.


Custom modules
Imagine new forms of interaction with us, and we'll develop and integrate them into your application.
Broadcast multiple content simultaneously. Choose from different source layouts.
3D objects
Integrate virtual tours, objects and 360° photos.
Display speaker biographies at any time, with photos and links to external sites (LinkedIn...).
Prepare or create your own polls in real time, as you follow the debate.
Keep your users' attention with hot information; make available document downloads (e.g. PowerPoint)
Moderate questions
Let your users ask questions. Once moderated, the current question will be displayed on the speaker's prompter.
Interactive presentation
Guide your participants through your content, or leave them free to explore.