Animated Infographics

Our team creates animated infographics that skillfully merge graphic elements, dynamic text, and captivating animations to visually simplify complex information. These animated creations are frequently used to make data, statistics, processes, or concepts accessible in explanatory videos with an educational purpose.


Motion Infographie
Motion 2D

De l'animation en Flat design

Flat design stands out for its simplicity and clarity in motion design. It relies on clean shapes, icons, and 2D graphics, without shadows or depth effects. The colors, usually bright and solid, add a touch of brilliance, while the elements retain their flat appearance, creating a modern and minimalist aesthetic. This style is ideally suited for creating explanatory videos.


Du motion design en 3D

3D motion design allows objects to evolve in a three-dimensional space. This approach is widely used in fields such as film animation, video games, special effects, and architectural modeling. 3D objects can be animated, textured, and lit to create complex visual effects.


Motion 3D